all rise...(or choke!)

Friday, September 2, 2011


When I first came across this song the first thing that came to mind was Sauti Sol (considering how massively awesome their identically titled song is) and even though there is no relation whatsoever between the artistes or the songs, the state of mind that puts you in certainly sets a high standard of what to expect. That having been said, Nameless does really well in this production which is a dedication to Kenya's sporting heroes. Credit to him for coming up with the concept and a marvelous execution. The video is also really well done and effectively brings out the message in the song. I think Nameless was targeting Kenyans in the diaspora and fans of Kenyan sports with this song and I should say it would set the perfect mood when you're watching 10,000 metres athletics from the stands. Judging by how well it's been received, I'm pretty sure by the time Nameless puts anything out again Tomiso will be in high school so enjoy it while it's still fresh.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another one from The Godafther. I must admit, Non's has done pretty well for himself over the years. He has transformed greatly from the much critiqued persona that characterized his entry into the music scene into n entrepreneurial guru of sorts. FYI he's somehow gotten himself on iTunes and even has his own App. I bet the mathe's who were constantly complaining that his music was a bad influence on their kids would gladly hand him their daughters now. Anyway, great song and as always the video odes not disappoint. Not much to critique here really...the song and video speak for themselves. Oh, he's also been featured in a collabo with some jungu from Houston. Not bad...not bad at all. Check it out.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Clearly these guys know no limit when it comes to perfection. They keep going...and going...and going...Energizer style! I think Sauti Sol should hold a refresher course for Kenyan Entertainers so that they can school the lot on how this shit is supposed to be done. The best thing about this song is not even the song itself, it's the video. Beautiful script, quality production and have you seen the acting on this baby?! This five minute flick would make for a comprehensive lesson in acting for the entire cast of Better Days, Changing Times and the rest of those western-wannabe productions on Kenyan TV nowadays. I must add however that some of the scenes are quite bold. I'm just waiting to see if it will be aired on TV what with all the new censorship rules and CCK hullaballoo. Not that it's offensive but knowing Kenyan's i'm pretty sure a couple of  old guys will be complaining about how ├»mproper' this is. Generally, this is simply brilliant work from the boys.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


To be absolutely honest, I've never thought much of Kenyan female artistes with the exception of one or two. And the only reason even they make the cut is because they have nice racks/behinds that provide the sufficient distraction neccessary to withstand their painful 'singing'. Oh and then there's also Nazizi. But truth be told, Mimmo is one of the few new school female Kenyan musicians worth reckoning. Well she does have a great rack too but that's not what I'm talking about. This lady can sing. Her first entry (the one where she goes like...nimenoki,nimenoki, nimenjoti eeehh..!) was probably not worth losing much sleep over but it was quite evident in her delivery that she was on to something. Now that she's gotten over that blonde moment her talent speaks for itself. This track is just the one! If they made a metal rock version of this song all the demented rock heads would get into a demonic frenzy and chant "awesome" till their necks snapped. Well, maybe not but you get the idea. The video is great too. Simple yet stylish. But the message...i'm going to have to disagree with Mimmo on that one. Sure it's a great message to preach to those high school going "tumechill" kids but how the heck do you expect the rest of us to get laid with music like this playing in the club?!

Monday, April 11, 2011


So the Pussy-Unit finally grew some balls and decided to make a real song. And I must say it's not so bad. It's a fresh deviation from the traditional P. Unit we have come to associate with shallow and silly lyrics that have no bearing whatsoever (at this point 'Kare' comes to mind). This track actually has a positive message, great vocals and a superb flow that makes it a pleasure to listen to. So then what's wrong with it? Everything! For starters, this track is too good to be P. Unit's original idea based on their past track record. Unless their mothers woke up one day and resolved to bitch slap the stupidity out of these dude's there is no way they can come up with such a song all by themselves! Which leads me to conclude that the original idea came from Gaza whom I know to be a reputable conscious HipHop artiste. Yet he is nowhere to be found in the video! Oh...the video. Don't even get me started on that! I mean it is actually a good video what with all the reversal effects (i have no idea how that's even done) and slow motions. But you don't just watch a video from Statoe copy paste the exact idea and expect all 30something million Kenyans to be stupid enough not to notice! I totally respect P. Unit for their hustle and everything, but that's just sucking below the balls!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Muthoni has great vocals, why lie. But that's not what makes this video so terriffic. It's her creativity we have to thank for that. The concept of the song is in itself outstanding while the video script is utterly remarkable. One can however notice one or two goofs in some of the scenes but generally the final product is superb. I'm pretty convinced this mama smokes weed because some of her ideas couldn't thrive in a sober mind. Great stuff.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have said this before in other forums and I will say it here again. Wyre is definitely high on something illegal and whatever it is I want me some of that sh*t! In the past year or so this guy has done collabo's with artistes from Kigali to Kingston and God-knows where in between and somehow all of them sound dope. His album 'Ten Years Wiser' is proof that experience is indeed the best teacher. You've got to love how his distinct style and flow resonate through every track he features in. I think he should be the only Kenyan allowed to sing ragga if his collabo with cecille is anything to go by. The rest should be wrapped in tissue paper and dumped in Beenie Man's pit latrine. This particular track is a remake of JB's Mwanake and Wyre has truly done it justice. He gives it what my skinny jeans wearing 16 year old brother calls 'swag'. I mean, the song was a club banger already but with Wyre's midas touch we might as well call in the fire brigade and put them on standby because this sh*t is straight blazin'! The video however is a bit of a let down. Back in the day Wyre was famed for the magnificent dance displays on his videos but of late he seems to be pulling a laid back kind of approach which just isn't working if you ask me. But from what I hear, his next release (the one with Cecille) should make up for all that.